2019 Annual Farmville Reunion Jam


On Saturday, March 2, the 2019 Reunion Jam will take place at the Paramount Theater, 2-6pm,3723 N. Main Street in Farmville, NC.  Free. If you play any instrument or just want to listen to the tunes, please join in the fun.

The Low-Tide String Band, The PCC Flutes, The Rusty Bucket Boyz, Patty Hopkins’ students, The Downbeats and more will be taking the stage.

At 2pm The Farmville Downbeats will start us off.  Here’s what band member Frank Jones has to say:

My 1960s Vintage High School Rock Band, The Downbeats, are on schedule for their first Reintroduction Concert.  All six original members are amazingly still alive in their late 60s. Highly successful statewide from 1966-1969, we were all on or about our 17th birthdays in Farmville High School, although obviously inexperienced in the new exploding world of American Rock and Roll we were very talented and soon to be playing at more regional venues in North Carolina, culminating in a giant NC State Democratic Fundraiser for Bob Scott associated with the 1968 NC Democratic Convention. Come and see some significant local R&R history still alive and peaking again after 50 years.”

See you on Saturday!  Join us as you are able while we have a musical jam with anyone who wants to play!

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