Audition Alert

Snow White auditions will be January 12th at 3:00 PM and January 13th at 7:00 PM. This is our youth production. Call the office if you have any questions.

We have two siblings, a mother, Snow White, a queen and king, several ladies in waiting, a huntsman, a devil, a angel, 7 dwarfs, a government official, prince charming, prince charming’s men, a combat hero, combat men, romantic hero, a doctor, a mirror, several animals and villagers, a comb peddler, a fruit peddler, and a ribbon peddler.

As you can see, we need several boys (hint, hint). This play starts with two siblings arguing over how the story of the Snow White goes. The mother step in to break up the argument and tells a slightly modern Grimm version. This is not the traditional story of Snow White; it even includes a rap.

Hope to see you at auditions.

We are also putting together the tech crew and looking for volunteers interested in tech theater. We need help with:

Set construction
Sound and lights
Running crew

If you are interested or have any questions leave a comment or call the office.


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5 Responses to Audition Alert

  1. Jennifer Morris says:

    Is this open to all ages?

  2. Kyle Roebuck says:

    What is the office phone number?

  3. Anthony says:

    No, I am sorry. We look forward to seeing you next year at the auditions for the children’s production. Check back for more information January 2015.

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