Directed Giving (Wish List)

While we quite often ask for money and memberships, etc, we don’t often say why. So here is the FCAC wish list. If you are inclined to donate (time or money), these are some specific things you can think about. Check back often. And as we accomplish some of these things we hope to be able to recognize the help of some of our members and friends.

– A new scrim (probably about $1,000).

– GIFT CARDS! (Lowes, Walmart, etc.) These can be use to help with general upkeep (light bulbs, air filters, etc., or for obtaining props/costumes for productions.

– a small lift for changing lighting instruments and house lights. ($5,000 used)

– donation help rehab some of the theater seats. (as you see fit)

– rolling safety ladder to reach the stage lights for focus and repair. ($1,100 new but there are probably used ones around.)


– Small monitor for a lobby camera for security. ($170. Thanks to High Tech Security for the camera).